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Eco friendly Water Treatment Plant

The Water Treatment plant takes raw water from rivers or ground waters etc..purifies and sterilizes the water, and then distributes the purified water to cities. Typically A five stage water purification process of Chemical Coagulation, Flocculation, Sedimentation, Disinfection and Filtration. we need to select a vendor that can supply highly reliable monitoring and control system to ensure water is constantly supplied in stable state.

Process Flow at Plant

Chlorine dioxide,aluminum sulfate used as the primary coagulant that cause very fine particles to clump together into larger particles that can then be removed later in the treatment process by settling, skimming, draining or filtering.Flocculation is a slow stirring process that causes the small coagulated particles to form floc. The floc formed creates a surface in which the particulates in the water adsorb (adhere) to the surface of the floc thus forming larger settleable particles for ease of removal.

The purpose of the sedimentation process is to remove suspended solids (particles) that are denser (heavier) than water and to reduce the particulate load on the filters. Sedimentation is accomplished by decreasing the velocity of the water being treated below the point where it can transport settleable suspended material, thus allowing gravitational forces to remove particles held in suspension.Before arriving at the Filtration Facility chlorine is added to the water at the pre-chlorination point to begin the disinfection process. The disinfection process is designed to kill or inactivate most microorganisms in water.Filtration is the process of passing water through material such as a bed of coal, sand, or other granular substance to remove particulate impurities that were not removed during the sedimentation process.

Technology components for plant operations monitoring

Noted vendors like Mitsubishi Electric provide suite the can be deployed for efficient plant operations. some of the products include MC Works 64 for monitoring,MC Historian for data collection and AX Facility for data diagnosis.Evolution of standards like SCADA enable variety of the vendors that provide plant monitoring solutions.

**Returning Clean water to the environment **