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Top technologies trending to get H1-B visa

While steps toward H1B visa reforms continue with stringent rules, we often track how many and in from which countries.In this we tried to capture top trending roles

Data Analyst
Data is new oil that powers information economy. To generate useful insights in to business it is necessary to analyze data that is generated across industries,cross functions with in segment.so Ability to work with differnet Data tools is standing right at top.

Business Consultant
Investment management that can led to due diligence efforts.Business Strategy coupled with corporate venturing skills in areas of automation,Finance,market sizing, trend analysis are gainined importance this year.

CRM Administrator
With strong IT background, an understanding of marketing practices, and good interpersonal skills to interact with Custome RelationShip management system users.

with unprecedented growth of cloud technologies, Devops gained much importance in the recent past.

Helathcare & Automative Specilalists
Along with China, the United States is counted among the largest automobile markets worldwide, both in terms of production and sales.With projections of US helathcare spend can reach 20% of its GDP, SkillSets of these Specialists on raise that cat get H1-B Visa for aspirants dreaming to live in United States