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Programming languages for Artificial Intelligence


The Applications for Artificail intelligence need speed accelerations across image processing,signal processing,vector functions,dense matrix computations,sparse matrix, neural networks and lossless compression methods based on application type.There are few programming languages designed


LISP is a programming for computing with symbolic expressions.Symbolic expressions are mostly used in representing differential and integral calculus,mathematical logic and artificial intelligence.Clojure is a recent dialect of Lisp that principally targets the Java Virtual Machine, as well as the Common Language Runtime (CLR), the Python VM, the Ruby VM YARV, and compiling to JavaScript. It is designed to be a pragmatic general-purpose language.


Prolog is a logical and a declarative programming language. The name itself, Prolog, is short for PROgramming in LOGic.Prolog is well-suited for specific tasks that benefit from rule-based logical queries such as searching databases,network applications.Cedar is a free and basic Prolog interpreter. From version 4 and above Cedar has a FCA (Flash Cedar App) support. This provides a new platform to programming in Prolog through wellknown Adobe ActionScript style.