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Kubernetes- Modern Linux kernel for Application Developers

It is not exagaration to say we need to have one academic semester course on code contribution to kernel community by looking at how complex the code base has become with just over 20 millions lines of code.kernel feature tracking is also became a nightmare for application developers to track and provide patches.

With Emergence of the docker containers, there are whole set of the kernel features that can be offloaded and handled easily with container style deplyments.Containers provide an isolated environments to applications that solve lot of issues for developers ,operations and enterprises.Now with dockers, Develoeprs and easily replicates their env across hosts, operations can easily perform upgrades, capacity planning and Enterprises can have efficient deployment work flows.

Kubernetes is an orchastartion platform around docker that provide Api for App deployment and Application infrastructure maintaince with ease.It is also one of the most successful projects from google that has history of bringing together dispersed community members at scale.it provide much needed infrstructure abstraction layer for application developers.