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Does Erlang live up to expectations?

There are whole set of new progammimg languages available for parallel programming.Wait! parallel programming one might wonder what all the fuss is about.Today Multi core with hyperthreads is common place.With traditional programming languages most of the complexity involved in handling mutable datastructures.locks,deadlocks etc..

No matter how blocking your application logic is, it is impossible to make a blocking network call in Erlang, or to spawn multiple OS processes. Erlang in built primitives can easily handle reliability and fault tolerance at application level with ease.

Any new Programming language during its initial phases try to combine learnings from the earlier language design with industry facing problems.With immutable variables,pattern matching & Lists, Erlang does this to its best with functionality like fault tolerance can easily built into Enterprise Apps.

The Major drawback for erlang is the availabilty of third party libraries and larger support community.

Overall Erlang has live up to the expectations from technical functionality side and requires much needed push from enterpise community for wider adoption. With booming multi core programming & distributed computing, the relevance of Erlang language is going to be much relevant in coming years.