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Best in the business - Volkmar Denner

From magneto ignition to iBooster(that can detect driver breaking patterns) Robert Bosch GmbH always known for its accuracy & quality.With an history of more than 100 years in industrial components manufactring Robert Bosch GmbH faced several complex transformations to keep relevant in the industry from time to time.By the time Denner take over the position of CEO in 2012 bosch is in a situaltion where embracing connected industry from assembly line automation to automative components is not optional.

Born in Uhingen, Germany, on November 30, 1956. After taking his university entrance examination in 1975, he studied Physics at the University of Stuttgart, taking his diploma examination in 1981. After a research spell in the U.S., he was awarded a doctorate in Physics by the University of Stuttgart in 1985. He joined Bosch in 1986. From 2003 Headed different group’s divisions successfully.

The new Bosch is all about information transport in real time - sensors, intelligent cameras and artificial brains. Denner has driven the Swabian group with 73 billion euros in sales in his words "the biggest transformation in its history".For the world of high-tech giants, Volkmar Denner is trying to make the more than 130-year-old Bosch Group fit for five years and he did it in style with new product lines and reduceing ineffecincies from factory prodction lines.And by 2020, Bosch estimates, technologies like connected assembly lines, predictive maintenance, and machines with a certain degrees of self-awareness will result in $1.12 billion (1 billion euros) in additional sales, alongside a similar amount in operational savings.

There are few instances where company stubborn behaviour is critisized in handling
operational issue in suppling steering gears to BMW.The supply bottleneck has hampered production of BMW’s 1- and 2-Series compacts as well as the 4-series coupe, while larger models including the flagship 7-Series sedan in Q1 2017.That might be the right style for the technology-driven Bosch Group of yesteryear. That's not enough to make a good figure in today's world.

Keeping minor issues aside,Volkmar Denner keeps Bosch in forefront to capitilze on industry 4.0 and automation initiatives, which is much needed for the organisation survival.